Wednesday, August 3, 2011

its been a while...

well, well, well..its been a while i didnt write n update myself here..huhu very da busy la...
now everything seem very different.. i rather say it frm the other side of me, n alhamdulillah it's all berkat of doa mak n abah yg xputus2 n xjemu2 dari umah..n im always reminding myself to always believe n yakin in doa, coz doa diri sendr plus doa mak n abah plus doa kwn2 plus doa org sekeliling yg menyayangi dr ni will guide me to achieve what i am, mke sure xputus asa tuk terus berdoa..insya-Allah, Amin..

Right now, i need extra energy plus spirit plus support to achieve my highest point of my life..n off course after all the effort i'll put on, doa will guide n move seiring to touch the success point. Insya-Allah.

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